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The AP-Bible Exam Series by Foundations of Scripture consist of five different exams, Each exam consists of exactly 100 unique questions. The exam build (number of questions per category) is exactly the same across all five exams.

The exam norming / results reports on 18 different sub categories, with each category having the exact same number of questions assigned allowing for better, more consistent norming across exams.

Old Testament Survey
Old Testament Books
Kings / Judges / Priests
OT Geography
New Testament Survey
New Testament Books
Life of Christ
Parables / Miracles
Life of Paul
Disciples / Apostles
Revelation / Prophesy

Exams 1 and 2 have an entrance and exit exam (identical questions in the set) allowing for entrance and exit norming based on identical questions.

The exams are designed to become increasingly more difficult as you progress from AP Bible 1 to 5.

Multi-Dimensional Exam

AB BIBLE 1 (Entrance Exam)

examYARD.com industry leading exam design system and hosting platform that allows our exam developers to create unique multi-dimensional exams.

Exam questions are drawn from a large pool of faculty submitted questions and are divided into sub-categories within the exam.

Your exam results will detail your scores for each sub-category - allowing you to identify areas of strength and weakness.

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AB BIBLE 1 (Entrance Exam)

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AB BIBLE 1 (Entrance Exam)

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AB BIBLE 1 (Entrance Exam)

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